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Spicy Vodka Chicken Parmesan

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Spicy Vodka Chicken Parmesan is made with sliced jarred hot cherry peppers, vodka sauce, fresh mozzarella, and breaded chicken cutlets. Baked or air fryer!

chicken parm with fresh mozzarella and hot cherry peppers
Spicy Vodka Chicken Parmesan

My baked Chicken Parmesan is always a hit! (I even have air fryer chicken parmesan and an Instant Pot version.) But I have a new obsession in my house – this spicy chicken Parmesan with vodka sauce. A delicious addition to my chicken breast recipes! I’ve been making it for dinner every few weeks per Tommy’s request. He loves this dish! The hot cherry peppers really make it! If you love hot cherry peppers, I also have this Chicken Breasts with Hot Cherry Peppers recipe.

Spicy Vodka Chicken Parmesan

Spicy Vodka Chicken Parmesan Ingredients

  • Vodka Sauce: You can use homemade or store-bought – I prefer Whole Foods’ 365 vodka sauce which is lower in fat than many other jarred brands. Use the one you love, or just use marinara instead.
  • Chicken Breast: Cut two 8-ounce chicken breasts in half lengthwise to get four thin cutlets.
  • Salt to season the chicken
  • Egg to coat the chicken so the breadcrumbs stick
  • Breadcrumbs: I use seasoned breadcrumbs, my favorite brand is 4C. If you only have regular, add your own Italian seasonings, like dried herbs, onion powder, and garlic powder.
  • Mozzarella: Buy four ounces of fresh mozzarella cheese and slice it into four pieces.
  • Spicy Cherry Peppers: I like these jarred hot cherry peppers.

How to Make Vodka Chicken Parmesan

  • Prep: Heat the vodka sauce in the microwave or on the stove, and add a little water if it’s too thick. Pound the chicken breasts to make them thinner, and sprinkle them with salt and pepper.
  • Dredging Stations: Whisk one egg on a plate, and place the breadcrumbs on another. Put each chicken cutlet in the egg and then the breadcrumbs.
  • Air Fryer: Spray both sides of the chicken with oil and air fry at 400°F for seven to eight minutes, turning halfway. Spoon the vodka sauce over the cutlets, top with half of the cherry peppers and one ounce of mozzarella, and sprinkle with the remaining peppers. Air fry at 300°F for another minute or two until the cheese melts and the chicken is fully cooked.
  • Oven: Line a sheet pan with foil and preheat the oven to 450°F. Bake the breaded chicken for 20 to 25 minutes, remove the pan from the oven, and top the cutlets as instructed above. Bake them for another five minutes.

What to Serve with Vodka Sauce Chicken Parmesan

Serve this chicken parmesan with pasta, zucchini noodles, or butternut squash topped with vodka sauce. It’d also be great with roasted vegetables, sauteed spinach, or a big salad on the side.


  • Cheese: Use shredded mozzarella in place of fresh mozzarella.
  • Sauce: Use marinara in place of vodka sauce.

Chicken Parmesan with hot cherry peppers over pastabaked chicken parmSpicy Vodka Chicken ParmesanSpicy Vodka Chicken Parmesan

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Spicy Vodka Chicken Parmesan

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Spicy Vodka Chicken Parmesan is made with sliced jarred hot cherry peppers, vodka sauce, fresh mozzarella, and breaded chicken cutlets. Bake or air fry them!
Course: Dinner
Cuisine: Italian
Spicy Vodka Chicken Parmesan
Prep: 15 minutes
Cook: 15 minutes
Total: 30 minutes
Yield: 4 servings
Serving Size: 1 cutlet with sauce


  • ¾ cup vodka sauce, I used 365 jarred vodka sauce
  • olive oil spray
  • 2 8-ounce boneless chicken breasts, halved lengthwise to make 4 (16 oz total)
  • 1 teaspoon kosher salt
  • 1 large egg
  • 1 cup seasoned breadcrumbs, I like 4C
  • 4 slices fresh mozzarella cheese, 4 ounces total
  • 1/2 cup sliced hot jarred cherry peppers


  • Heat the vodka sauce and add a little water to thin if it’s too thick.
  • Pound the thicker end of the chicken lightly to make thinner. Season with salt and pepper.
  • Place in the egg, then into the breadcrumbs and pat well with the back of a fork.
  • Shake and transfer to the air fryer basket or oven. Repeat with remaining cutlets.

Air Fryer Method:

  • Spray both sides of the chicken with oil then air fryer 400F 7 to 8 minutes, turning halfway, in batches as needed.
  • Spoon the vodka sauce over the cutlets then top with half of the cherry peppers.
  • Top each cutlet with 1 ounce mozzarella, then sprinkle with remaining spicy cherry peppers. Air fry 300F until the cheese melts and the chicken is cooked through, about 1 to 2 minutes. Serve hot.

Oven Method:

  • Place foil on a sheet pan. Preheat oven to 450F.
  • Bake 20 to 25 minutes, until golden and cooked through in the center. No need to turn.
  • Spoon the vodka sauce over the cutlets then top with half of the cherry peppers.
  • Top each cutlet with 1 ounce mozzarella, then sprinkle with remaining spicy cherry peppers.
  • Bake until the cheese melts and the chicken is cooked through, about 5 minutes. Serve hot.

Last Step:

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Serving: 1 cutlet with sauce, Calories: 386 kcal, Carbohydrates: 25.5 g, Protein: 39 g, Fat: 14 g, Saturated Fat: 6 g, Cholesterol: 154 mg, Sodium: 1456.5 mg, Fiber: 3 g, Sugar: 4 g


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38 comments on “Spicy Vodka Chicken Parmesan”

  1. I couldn’t find hot cherry peppers, so I used mild sweet ones and put chili pepper flakes in the vodka sauce. It was excellent! Served with angel hair pasta and Caesar salad.

  2. Another hit!! 2nd night in a row of winner Skinnytaste recipes that are boyfriend approved! We had leftover white rice, so I served it over that instead of pasta. Can’t wait to try another either tomorrow or the next night!!

  3. Avatar photo
    Stefanie Winborne

    Great recipe! Very satisfying. Reheats beautifully in the air fryer. Will definitely be in regular rotation!

  4. I made this last night for hubby for Valentine’s day. It was SO yummy! The spicy peppers really bring the taste and flavor together so don’t cut those out. It was super easy to make. We did oven style. Adding it to our weekly favorites for a little while!

  5. Super tasty and easy to make! I did it in the oven. Couldn’t find cherry peppers but subbed other jarred hot peppers and left them off my toddler daughter’s portion. Planning on adding this to regular rotation!

  6. What would you recommend as a sub for the Hot Cherry Peppers?  I have either fresh Fresno peppers, jarred Mezzetta pepperoncini or jarred Mezzetta Chicago Style Hot Giardiniera?  The Giardineira are sometimes bit too much for my husband, even when just used sparingly on a sandwich, but he easily does poblanos on a taco.

  7. Cooked in the oven and was fantastic. Really enjoyed the twist on a chicken parm type meal. We served it with whole wheat pasta.

  8. Avatar photo
    Tamra B Young

    Delicious and quick. Made this and enjoyed it. I had to make some modifications, not out of disregard fir Gina’s hard work, but due dietary needs. I used GF Breadcrumbs. I find GF Breadcrumbs to be too course, so I added seasonings and pulsed them in a blender to make them a lot less course. I used a gf pasta; ,Banza chickpea pasta. I couldn’t find hot peppers. Sorry, I’m lying, lol. I could only find them at Whole Foods, but they were very expensive, like 9.99 for a small jar. Too cheap to spend that much. I decided to buy sweet peppers and soak them in a little fried chili oil I found at World Market. Lastly, I used reduced fat Swiss cheese instead of Mozzarella because I had the former on hand and needed to use them. Despite all the changes I thoroughly enjoyed this meal. Served it with string beans & almond slivers.
    Thank you Gina

  9. We loved this! I did not have mozzarella but I did have a hunk of Grana Padano so I used thin shavings from the block of it to top off the chicken. Easy, crispy and the timing for the oven-cooking is spot on!

  10. I love this recipe! It has just the right amount of hot and vodka sauce with the fresh mozzarella is perfect. I made mine in the oven

  11. This was SO good! I cant find hot cherry peppers in any store near me for some reason but I had calabrian chili peppers on hand and used them. It was delicious with a side of roasted brussel sprouts. Will definitely be making again.

  12. Have made this in the air fryer 3 times. Does not disappoint. Juicy, flavorful and crispy. Even reheats well

  13. This was a really great recipe and will be part of our rotation going forward. I like that I can make it in the oven for winter and in the air fryer during the summer! (controlling house heat) To eat, it would be great in any season depending on the side dish. I was able to find non-dairy vodka sauce and non-dairy mozzarella for my portion and my husband had the full dairy (like the recipe) version. Both were really good and very easy to do. Thanks for a great way to make it seem like we’re both having the same dinner! (Sometimes I feel left out). This recipe easily scales up or down for more or less people and the ingredients are ones it’s easy to keep on hand. I froze the leftover vodka sauce in ice cube trays then emptied into a ziplock when frozen. That way, if I want to make just one for a lunch, it’s easy!

  14. I just made this and it was so good! I’m freezing the leftovers next time I have people over for dinner this is what I’m serving!

  15. Avatar photo
    Patricia Martin

    You use the air fryer a great deal. I have a convection oven and it seems to work well with smaller items. Do you think it would work for a larger serving, such as this?

  16. I just made homemade Vodka Sauce last night and was wondering what to do with the rest. Thanks Gina you solved my dilemma. Definitely making this. 

  17. I might make as the Sunday dinner, I just love vodka sauce! And actually I have pickled/jarred jalapenos….I think I’ll you that? Yum, thanks Gina

      1. Awesome! I’ll link to it here but it might be convenient to put the link in the recipe as well.

      1. Avatar photo
        Helene Lichtman

        Yes!! Rude!! People need to have gratitude for these fabulous free recipes!! Seriously!!

      2. Holy cow, chill. I had no intentions of making this because of the jarred sauce as it’s just my preference not to, but now that LA brought it up I can’t wait to make it with Gina’s vodka sauce. I didn’t know she had a recipe for it and I bet it’s perfect for this!